Madrid – I will be back!

March was an excellent time to visit Madrid. The weather was sunny and mild, which felt like a gentle balm on my body after the harsh winter and above-average snowfall we had in Minnesota. Madrid is a city that is made for walking, and the Gran Vía avenue pictured above was my favorite. We were out in the early evening when Madrileños pour into the streets for their constitutional, or as it is called the paseo. The city is vibrant, alive, and exciting with so many people out in the city’s public spaces.

If you like Art Deco buildings you’ll love Gran Vía, a pedestrian friendly street that was cleared of vehicular traffic in preparation for the March 8 International Women’s Day parade and demonstration. We later learned that well over 300,000 people attended this event.

The color purple was everywhere, with dyed hair, wigs, clothes, and flags all indicating support for women’s equality and freedom from violence. It was uplifting!

The beautiful Cibeles Plaza pictured above was one of the key locations of the parade and filled with people.

We took the efficient and easy-to-use metro do get to the Sorolla Museum. This artist’s former mansion now displays his art and workspaces. Sorolla (1863-1923) was a talented, prolific and successful painter working in the impressionist style. His paintings can be found in a number of collections around the world. Visiting this museum is most definitely worthwhile.

The Garden of Remembrance in Retiro Park is dedicated to the victims of the terrorist attack at Atocha Station Madrid in 2004. One hundred and ninety-three people were killed and 2000 injured. Horrible.

This is the beautiful Crystal Palace in Retiro Park.

The ubiquitous presence of jamón. It is everywhere.

Casa de la Panadería on the Plaza Mayor.

The Royal Palace was magnificent, and the opulence was largely in good taste. The ceiling in the entry hall was one of the few photos that were allowed.

A walking street full of people.

Street art.

Atocha Station from the Museo Reina Sofía.

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