Two White Villages and Two Dolmens

Antequera and Montefrío are two white Andalusian villages nestled atop rolling hills. Small white houses climb the hills in a most picturesque manner, forcing you to also do some climbing if you wish to explore them.


The sleeping giant of Antequera passively presides over his environs.

The Arco de los Gigantes (built in 1585) is a portal leading to both the Alcazaba and the Real Colegiata de Santa María la Mayor.

The Alcazaba is a Moorish fortress, one of several built fairly late as an attempt by the Moors to stave off the Christian reconquista. The fortress was built on the site of a previous Roman outpost.

Ruins of a Roman tomb are to the left and Moorish fortifcations to the right. Olive groves are in the distance to the left.

The fortifications of the Alcazaba seen from the base of the hill.

The bell tower was added later to mark the structure as Christian.

Imagine this residential chamber with the floor covered by beautiful rugs and a burning brazier keeping you warm and cozy. You would enjoy expansive views commanding the entire surrounding countryside,

The Real Colegiata de Santa María la Mayor is a church built just below the Alcazaba.

On our way to see dolmens. A view of Antequera from the other side of town.

The 5000 year-old Viera and Menga megalithic dolmens are located on the outskirts of Antequera (UNESCO World Heritage designated). Huge megaliths were transported to build these chambers (as were the megaliths for the better known Stonehenge). There was a lot of excavation of earth to prepare for the initial placement of the megaliths, and piling on of earth later on to hold the heavy rock in place.

The Dolmen of Viera.

The Dolmen of Menga

We were hungry after our walk across town to tour the dolmens. I had grilled red tuna, a regional fish prized everywhere (especially in Japan).


We took in the smaller town of Montefrío on the way to Granada. This small town built on a hill is also the site of one of the late Moorish fortresses, which like the one in Antequera was established to stave off the Christian reconquista.

The Church and the ruins of the Moorish fortress.

Coming back down we saw burial niches in the rock that forms the base of the Montefrío Castle or Alcazaba. I have not been able to find much information on these burial chambers. Let me know if you have found anything!

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