The Alcazaba Fortress in Granada

The Alcazaba is a defensive hilltop fortress and the oldest building in the Alhambra complex. We left touring the fortress for last, after first visiting the Generalife Gardens and Palace, and the Nasrid Palaces. Although there is less to see in the Alcazaba compared to the gardens and palaces, it is still worth climbing to the top to experience amazing panoramic views.

The entry to the Alcazaba is through the Puerta de la Justicia.

It was springtime in March, and this gorgeous redbud tree knew it!

The defensive walls of the Alcazaba with a view of the Torre de la Vela.

The city of Granada as well as the Sierra Nevada Mountains can be seen from this level.

Here are the remaining foundations of the soldiers’ barracks.

The dungeon was a nasty place for slaves and prisoners.

More barracks.

The views were beautiful from the highest point: The Torre de la Vela.

Leaving the Alcazaba.

Here is a statue of Washington Irving on the way out. They really love him in Granada.. The inscription on the base is: Son of the Alhambra.

View of the city gate on the way out.

Here is the same gate viewed from the other side.

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